Turn Your Brain On With Turmeric!

Turmeric is gettin' it's shine on and I'm here for it. India has been laying it down heavy in their curries for centuries and their brains are aging real nice. "India has the lowest dementia rates in the world. They consume 25-50 mg of turmeric daily, which prevents inflammation of the brain." Dr. Sunil Pai M.D.
Turmeric is truly a fascinating and powerful spice. It's benefits have been massively reported as there are currently over 13,000 peer reviewed articles published showing all of the many healing qualities. 
It's well regarded that chronic inflammation is the silent killer in common with nearly all diseases. The active ingredient you'll hear most about in turmeric is called curcumin. An unprocessed whole foods based diet paired up with curcumin will greatly reduce chronic inflammation and help enhance your brain. 
The real magic of curcumin comes from it's unique ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, which is why it contains such neuroprotective qualities. A pro tip for consuming turmeric is to combine it with black pepper. These two compounds work synergistically and will help skyrocket the absorption of the curcumin.  It's super important to make sure you're turmeric is certified organic so that you can reap all the benefits. What's your favorite way to enjoy this super spice? 

Chris D'Orazio
Chris D'Orazio


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