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Free Shipping on All Orders / Lemonade in a Different Light / Free Shipping on All Orders / Lemonade in a Different Light / Free Shipping on All Orders / Lemonade in a Different Light /
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The Spotlight
Offering wellness practices designed to be experienced along with your lemonade mix.

December 7th


Have you ever had those moments when a simple "thank you" made your heart do a little happy dance? Well, turns out, there's legit science behind that warm fuzzy feeling! Let's dive into the magical world of gratitude and how it's like a secret superfood for our bodies!

October 13th


In a world where there are always new skincare trends popping up, it can be overwhelming to determine what practices are useful and worth incorporating into your routine. One technique that has garnered a lot of attention in recent years is Gua Sha, a traditional Chinese medicine practice that involves scraping a smooth tool over your skin. After adding Gua Sha to my own routine, I can confidently say that it has become a game-changer in promoting healthy and glowing skin and is a wonderful mindfulness practice.

October 6th

the spotlight

&friends is the musical concept and brainchild of Dubai based Sean Thomas. Drawing the breadth of his inspiration for these musical works from global cultures, Sean had a vision to create a project embodying tradition, culture and community culminating in the coining of &friends. 
 Since the project’s 2022 debut the sounds of &friends have made their way to every corner of the globe. The Nitefreak Remix of his sophomore single “Ode Ireti' ft. Oluwadamvic saw unprecedented, viral success. Receiving massive radio and touring support from top names in the space, the infectious chorus “o-le-le” has become a staple in the sets of many titans of dance music.

September 29th


Go ahead and embrace a little dirtiness! It's actually healthy for your body to tackle its own battles. Kick off your shoes and experience the benefits of being in earth. Our modern lifestyle takes a toll on our gut microbiome with antibiotic overuse, consumption of gut-flora-disrupting foods, and excessive use of antibacterial products. Surprisingly, these same factors can wreak havoc on the bacterial balance of our skin, which may be even more detrimental.

August 9th


Skincare has quickly become a hot topic in society, with more and more people seeking ways to keep their skin healthy and happy. And as someone who loves all things skincare, I believe that having a skincare routine that nourishes and protects the skin is the perfect way to show gratitude for all the hard work that it does. After all, the skin is the largest organ in the body and is responsible for protecting us from harmful substances and UV radiation, maintaining moisture levels, and much more. However, in order to make the most of our skincare routines, it’s important to bring intentionality to the conversation, and cultivate a better understanding of why skincare matters so much.

July 4th


In our fast-paced world, it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. With so much going on, we often forget to take a moment to ground ourselves and connect with our bodies. Fortunately, there's a simple exercise you can do anywhere, anytime that can help relieve stress, reinvigorate you, and boost creativity all at the same time. This exercise is called shaking. 

June 20th


Everyone knows about about vitamin C - it keeps our immune system healthy and strong. Usually, we think of orange juice when we hear vitamin C. It's everywhere, in synthetic supplements and fortified foods, just to make sure you get your recommended daily dose. But guess what? That's not entirely accurate and may be harmful to your health. Ascorbic acid is not vitamin C, and marketers have raked in billions with this myth. Let's get the real scoop!

June 8th

wellness tips

We've all heard the adage, "smile and the world smiles with you." But how often do we actually put this into practice? How often do we greet our loved ones with a genuine smile first thing in the morning? We may underestimate the impact this simple act can have on our relationships and our outlook on life. Let’s delve into the power of a warm greeting and how we can spread positivity one smile at a time.

June 1st


Organic ceremonial matcha is the holy grail of green tea. This tea has been around for centuries, perfected by generations of Japanese cultivators. It's unique in that the plants are shade-grown for weeks before harvest, producing high levels of chlorophyll, caffeine, and L-theanine. This combination gives matcha a deliciously rich flavor with amazing health benefits. Here are the top benefits of matcha that you need to know.

May 30th


Life can be hectic. It’s no secret that we all have our own lives to manage, complete with personal goals, responsibilities, and routines. It’s easy to fall into the trap of self-absorption and forget about what’s happening around us. However, in these moments, it’s important to remember that human connection is what truly matters. We gain so much when we take a moment to shift our focus outward and practice random acts of kindness towards those around us. These moments don’t need to be grand or complicated but simple gestures that make a significant difference in someone’s day.

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