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Journaling practice

We have so many thoughts constantly running through our minds. It can feel never ending and overwhelming at times. If you’re someone like me, you might benefit from a healthy outlet. Journaling is that outlet for me.

Who and what you are begins with your thoughts. Emotions, both positive and negative, arise from our daily thought patterns to where our minds can either become our best friend or worst enemy. That little voice in our head can get very loud and convincing, as if everything it’s saying is truth. Even though deep down we know it’s not, that doesn’t stop us from believing it from time to time. When I write everything out, that little voice gets quieter, and I’m in a clearer state of mind to assess how I really feel. There’s something about feeling the pen on the paper and seeing the words form in front of you that helps release the tension from carrying those dense thoughts around.

We don’t always realize when our thoughts are clouding our vision. It's in our power to choose whether we believe every thought in our head, or to create an awareness practice around them. I find it helpful to ask myself questions such as, “Is this way of thinking productive or limiting?” “Is it coming from a place of love or judgement?” “Is there another way I could look at this?” Writing it all down as it comes up in its most real, raw, and unedited form helps me get to know myself on a way deeper level. This practice allows me to navigate the thoughts and emotional patterns that are worth holding onto and exploring the ones that may not be serving me and can be let go. I see no limit to the gifts held between the pages. Increased awareness, self-love, and understanding are a few of the many gifts I’ve received from journaling. I hope you feel called to put the pen to paper and create your own beautiful experience.

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