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5 best ways to take organic ginger

Organic ginger is one of the most versatile ingredients you can have in your kitchen. Whether you eat it, drink it, or swallow a capsule, ginger is a powerful remedy for so many ailments. Let’s check out five of the best ways to work ginger into your day to optimize your digestion and immune system.


  1. First thing in the morning

Taking organic ginger first thing in the morning on an empty stomach will help kickstart your digestive system and prime it for optimal nutrient absorption throughout the day. Ginger has been used as a morning ritual for centuries and is known to be both cleansing and restorative. Taking ginger first thing in the morning can also help set your tone for the day by providing clarity, focus, and energy.

  1. Before a meal

Ginger root helps stimulate your digestive system before meals and encourages proper digestion. This means that after you consume food, things will move along much more smoothly than if you didn’t take any ginger beforehand. It’s also great if you are going to be eating heavy or fatty foods because it helps break down these types of foods more easily so they don't linger in your stomach or intestines for too long.

  1. As an afternoon pick me up 

If you need an afternoon pick me up without having to resort to caffeine or sugar-laden energy drinks, try some organic ginger lemonade instead! This combination helps give a clean jitter-free energy boost that will help carry you through until dinner time. And because lemon is high in vitamin C, this drink will not only give you energy but also provide a healthy dose of antioxidants too!

  1. When feeling nauseous 

Ginger root contains zinc, magnesium, and chromium which can help prevent chills and feelings of nausea when taken before meals or after consuming large amounts of alcohol—both of which are known triggers for nausea. Taking organic ginger root quickly helps soothe an upset stomach while providing calming effects on the body's nervous system.

  1. Before or after drinks         

Organic ginger helps quicken relief from feeling bloated after drinking alcohol by assisting in digestion processes—so no matter what type of beverages are being served at the party, taking some ginger root beforehand will ensure that everything goes down smoothly and without any discomfort afterwards.


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