Our Story

Chris D'Orazio | GreenLight Juice | Organic Cold Pressed Ginger Turmeric Health ShotsI’m endlessly captivated by all things health and fitness. The human body is a truly remarkable piece of technology and I always marvel at the many ways in which we can improve it. Living a clean mostly organic lifestyle combined with daily ginger & turmeric shots has my immune system on point! My core belief is that a small shot can trigger a massive positive lifestyle change. I’ve seen this play out for many of my clients and so will you! Get your mindset on point and be the person now of what others will remember you for later!

Bill Donahue GreenLight Juice | Organic Cold Pressed Ginger Turmeric Health ShotsAs a Pittsburgh native, entrepreneur, and health enthusiast, I am passionate about growing GreenLight Juice so that customers from coast to coast can enjoy the amazing benefits of daily ginger & turmeric shots. Launching GreenLight Juice in 2015 was an amazing experience to learn and grow while providing a high quality product that has helped so many people take control of their health. Along with my business partner, Chris, we have successfully grown GreenLight into a formidable brand, pioneering health & wellness shots from Pittsburgh to NYC to LA!

The GreenLight difference

We went through rounds and rounds of product variations and ingredient sourcing. After formulating the blends that not only tasted amazing, but provided the most health benefits, we set out on a mission to source only the highest quality 100% organic ingredients from sustainable family farms. GreenLight has provided top quality cold pressed products to our customers for the past three years and we have helped to reduce the educational gap in driving people to take control of their health and heal their bodies with natural and organic herbs, roots, and spices in convenient 'shot form'. What you put in your body is paramount to your longterm health and wellness, and we at GreenLight Juice pride ourselves on helping others stay healthy!  We started as just a small retail shop in Pittsburgh, and now ship shots all over the United States. It's an exciting time at GreenLight Juice! Thanks for reading and we hope you’ll take a ‘shot’ with us!