Health Icon Guide

Anti-Inflammatory – Inflammation is the corner stone of every major disease. Reducing your bodies inflammation with vegetables and some fruits that have anti-inflammatory qualities can greatly improve your overall health and most importantly your brains health.  



Antioxidant Rich – Oxidative stress and free radical damage to cells may cause a number of debilitating diseases. Antioxidants fight this oxidation process and protect your body. 


Bladder Improving - The bladder is responsible for storing urine. It's important to keep your bladder healthy so that you avoid the discomfort associated with an overactive bladder.


Bone Strengthening – Calcium and Vitamin D are two of the most powerful vitamins for maintaining a strong structural frame and preventing osteoporosis.



Brain Empowering – It’s been said that the most important function of your body is to carry around your brain. Boost your brain and preserve it’s countless functions by focusing on antioxidant and vitamin rich foods.




Circulation Improving – Leafy green vegetables and beet juice are really high in nitrates, which may help to increase circulation. Nitrates open up blood vessels and increase blood flow.



Detox – When you detox you are removing toxic substances from your bloodstream. Your body does this process naturally but over time the buildup of common toxins such as alcohol, cigarettes, processed foods, and refined sugars can slow the detox process down. Replacing these with cold pressed juices and raw plant based nutrition will skyrocket                                       the detox process!


Energy Blast – A stimulant-free natural way to boost your energy levels. A vitamin C deficiency has been linked to exhaustion. Consider trying some citrus fruits to fight the fatigue.



Enzyme Replenishing – Our bodies produce many digestive enzymes, which are vital for the proper absorption of nutrients. Diets high in sugary, processed foods combined with antibiotics can reduce your body’s ability to make enzymes. That’s why it’s important to replenish                                    by eating raw enzyme enriched foods.


Eyesight Enhancing – The human eye has been considered one of the most complex organs. Beta-carotene found in carrots is a crucial vitamin that may help you have clear vision and avoid visual impairment.


Gallbladder Improving – The gallbladder plays a crucial role in overall digestion. Proper nutrition helps to eliminate the buildup of gallstones, solidified particles that can obstruct the gallbladder from doing its job.



Heart Healthy – The heart is a complex pump responsible for spreading blood to all parts of the body. As with any pump it can become clogged which can lead to heart disease. A healthy diet and active lifestyle can significantly reduce your risk for heart disease.




Intestine Friendly – The small intestine and large intestine are both important players in your digestive system. They follow after the stomach in the digestive process, extracting nutrients and delivering them into the bloodstream. Fruits and vegetables help to restore your overall digestive health.


Immune Boosting – Your body’s defense against harmful foreign invaders. Antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables play a vital role in strengthening your ability to fight off diseases.



Kidney Improving – Your kidneys perform a number of tasks, most importantly being that they filter your blood to produce urine. Healthy kidney function helps prevent waste buildup in the body.



Liver Cleansing – You can’t live without it so treat it with kindness. The main function of your liver is to metabolize fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. It also purifies your blood and detoxifies any harmful drugs. Keep this powerhouse organ operating at full capacity with                                          essential vitamins and nutrient dense foods.


Muscle Strengthening – Muscles are responsible for all your daily movements. Strengthening them with good foods and exercise will help down the road and will allow your body to move more safely.



PH Balancing – pH stands for power of hydrogen. On a scale of 1-14 a pH less than 7 is said to be acidic whereas greater than 7 is alkaline. Many believe that an overly acidic diet can weaken all body systems. Reach for beets, celery, cucumber, and spinach to help balance you out.



Skin Nourishing – Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It holds your body together, keeps good things in, and leaves bad things out. Vitamin C found in apples and beta-carotene in carrots can help fight premature skin ageing.



Slimming – Many studies have shown that carrying around extra pounds of fat may lead to cognitive decline and dementia. Stay slim and healthy by fueling your body with proper nutrition and exercise.



Stomach Soothing – The stomach muscles work with stomach acids to break down foods into a thick liquid. This liquid is then passed along to the small intestine for further breakdown and absorption of nutrients. Maintaining a healthy stomach will keep every part of your digestive system firing on all cylinders.


Stress Relieving – A stressed out person may be at a higher risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. If you’re feeling overwhelmed search out some leafy vegetables including Swiss chard. They are packed with magnesium that can help balance the body’s stress hormone cortisol.



Thyroid Improving – The function of your thyroid is to extract iodine found in many foods, and then convert it into hormones that create energy production and growth of tissues. The most common dietary way to ensure proper iodine intake is through iodized sea salt.


Vitamin Packed – Your body simply can’t make many of the essential vitamins necessary for optimal health and performance. This is why it is critical to focus your eating habits on taking in more vitamin rich foods.